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Hi. We are the N10 Team, a small indie developer. And we want to present our first ZX Spectrum 48k game - Duck Tales: Webby To The Rescue! This is a free game we made to celebrates our love and passion for Speccy and Duck Tales. Our team hopes that you and everyone who tries the game will enjoy it and spend an evening with the Kempston controller like in the good old days.

Uncle Scrooge with his nephews and Webby set off for the Carpathian country, where there is a long-abandoned old castle called Fort Cockroach. Legend says that untold riches are still kept there and no one has ever been able to find them. But, reaching the treasury in the dungeon of the castle, Scrooge and his nephews fall into a trap. Tired of waiting for anyone outside, Webby collects several stones by the river and decides to enter the old castle to find and save her friends.

Try to open the best ending and make Uncle Scrooge very happy with the treasures found.

The game is available in two languages: English and Ukrainian.

Happy playing!

Based on a heavily modified Churrera 3.99.2 Engine by The Mojon Twins.

© 2021 N10 Team

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, duck, Fangame, Pixel Art, Retro, spectrum, tales, zx, ZX Spectrum


DuckTales_ZX_EN_Release.tap 49 kB
DuckTales_ZX_UA_Release.tap 49 kB

Install instructions

This game requires an installed ZX Spectrum emulator. You can also play it on a real ZX Spectrum by loading it via a connected smartphone in the ZX Tape Player or PlayZX or other software for loading games.


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Hi. Very nice game, very playable :) 

I tried it with a joystick though (Kempston) and the current control mapping with Up for Jump is really hard. With only having one fire button, there's always a trade-off with what one uses for what. But in platform games I think for jumping the fire button would be preferable. Then Up can be used to throw stones.


Hello. Thank you for the nice words. As for the controls, I'm thinking about doing an extended edition of Webby to the Rescue on my new Palyanytsya Engine. With a larger level, additional graphics and a better soundtrack. And I will definitely include the possibility of choosing an alternative control scheme. But it will be a little later, after the end of the current project.

Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing it. Good luck with the current project for now :)

gran juego!!!os ha quedado muy bien gráficamente y la jugabilidad,sacaréis versión amstrad cpc?

Thanks for the feedback! No, unfortunately we are not interested in development for Amstrad CPC.

What about the MSX or C64?

No, sorry, we program only for ZX Spectrum 48k

Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:27:24. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Thank you for this, this is brilliant.   Here is my tribute...

Thanks for playing our game and for the great feedback. We are glad that you liked the game. Next time, try throwing stones at the enemies, it will be much easier. Also, the game has as many as three possible endings. I advise you to try to pass it, it is not difficult at all. And also wait for the continuation. Soon ;)

Це дуже круто! Дуже затягує :)

Раді, що вам сподобалося :)

Fantastic work! Thanks for givin us new software for our so beloved speccy!

Continue the good work!

Thanks for the kind words! We will ;)

gracias por el juego,muy bonito

Me alegro que le haya gustado :)

This is really well made! Awesome graphics and design! Thanks for your great work!


Glad you liked it!


Nice game with great gfx :) 


Thank you!

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I love this game! Great work! :-) Would you like some AY music for the game? (eg the Duck Tales theme tune). I'm an AY musician and can provide anything you need, just get in touch! :-)


Thank you! We will keep in mind for the future ;)


I love making music (and I love cartoons) so if you ever need anything just ask. I can be contacted here:



Guys, congrats! This is a very solid and fun game! I really felt the urge to check the game as soon as I have seen the screenshots. <3


Glad you liked it!

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That´s for nothing but when first I just saw this game. I wanted to play it inmediately. The results is that it really deserves to play it. Congratulations ! In your honor I attach a full game play in your honor. Best wishes.


Thanks for the video!  It's always interesting to see someone else playing your game.  Because we have already complete it 100 times while testing :)


Nice work, thanx :)




beautifull graphics


We tried very hard. Thank you!

Круто, блін! :)

Дякуємо, ми старалися

Wonderful !!!
Хлопці (або дівчата), у вас є сторінка на ФБ ?

Дякуємо! На даний момент сторінки команди ще немає. Ми просто два чувака з групи fb.com/groups/pastgengames ;)